Linking ORBIS to Pelagios

Parametrized route finding in ORBIS

ORBIS: The Stanford Geospatial Network Model of the Roman World has recently joined the Pelagios network, thanks to the encouragement and assistance of Leif Isaksen, Elton Barker and Rainer Simon.

The goal of ORBIS is to model Roman communication costs in terms of both time and expense, and to permit scholars and the general public to interact with that model, by means of a route-finding web map and an interactive distance cartogram.

The inclusion of ORBIS allows Pelagios to study 625 distinct road segments and 107 distinct river or canal reaches in addition to the many settlements already included in digital historical gazetteers. The Pelagios team welcomes suggestions on how the annotations to ORBIS provided through Pelagios could be extended.