Open University speakers at iSay conference

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The Digital Humanities at The Open University community will play an important role at the upcoming iSay conference “The Shape of Things: New and emerging technology-enabled models of participation through VGC”, which takes place at the University of Leicester on 31 January-1 February 2013.

Mia Ridge, OU PhD student and chair of the Museums Computer Group, UK, will present the keynote address on Friday 1 February: “The gift that gives twice: crowdsourcing as productive engagement with cultural heritage”.

Elizabeth FitzGerald, IET, OU, will demonstrate the OU-developed app Situ8, used to create geolocated media,  in the ‘tech show and tell,’ also on Friday 1 February.

This a summary of the objectives of the iSay network from the iSay blog:

A wealth of projects across the heritage sector have been seeking to capture and disseminate VGC. iSay aims to bring those projects together in order to understand their implications both on visitor participation and on visitor content. In so doing, the project will:

  • expose the ethics and the practicalities of ‘generating’ visitor content;
  • question the various frames within which VGC is encouraged and facilitated;
  • problematise the term ‘visitor-generated content’ itself, to unpack inherent assumptions about power and influence;
  • expose, critique and, importantly, learn from past practices; and ultimately
  • re-conceptualise traditional practices of collecting, archiving and capturing VGC as live processes of dialogue for the co-creation of heritage.

via Event 1: The Shape of Things | iSay: Visitor-Generated Content in Heritage Institutions.