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PAVILIONS | Issue 2, Winter 2013

This second issue of the Open Arts Journal, to be published in Winter 2013,  pulls together a number of exploratory texts – some academic, some more creative in style – on the understudied subject of pavilions.

Responding to the question ‘What is a pavilion?’, this issue proposes that the pavilion (as an ornamental garden structure, an exposition venue, or something more conceptual like a curated project or book) should no longer be neglected as a minor or inconsequential form of architecture. Although its origins may be in the modest tents of travellers, the pavilion as a structure has nonetheless been mobilized in strategies of world-making and unmaking, and this issue explores these creative manoeuvres.

To learn more about Issue 2 of the Open Arts Journal, visit their blog or download the flyer for Issue 2 “Pavillions” (PDF, 325KB)

The Open Arts Journal was officially launched on 21 October 2013 at The Open University in London. To watch Prof Marsha Meskimmon’s  presentation on ‘The Precarious Ecologies of Cosmopolitanism’, go to the video podcast held on the Open Arts Archive at To follow the panel discussion with Professor Berthold Schoene and Dr Ellie Byrne (guest editors Issue 1), and Open Arts Journal editor-in-chief Dr Leon Wainwright, visit the Open Arts Archive at