Commodity Histories reviews “Beyond Eldorado” exhibition

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Sandip Hazareesingh, director of the Commodity Histories project, has recently reviewed the British Museum’s exhibition “Beyond Eldorado.”

The exhibition is the outcome of a fruitful collaboration with the Museo del Oro in Bogota, Columbia. Curated by Elisenda Vila Llonch, it successfully looks beyond the standard European myth of El Dorado as a dream of profit and material wealth, and conveys the values and beliefs of the different Amerindian societies that made up ancient Columbia through the gold and other materials they produced and left behind. For example, the exhibition brilliantly evokes the natural world of the ancient Columbians by displaying remarkable examples of masks, musical instruments, ornaments and decorative wear featuring jaguars, monkeys, bats and frogs.

As Sandip says,

“Beyond El Dorado” challenges the poverty of our modern secular imagination.

“Beyond El Dorado” closes on 23 March 2014.