Videos for iLatin and eGreek Teaching and Learning Symposium available now

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A Council of University Classics Departments Teaching and Learning Symposium hosted by the Open University, UK and supported by the Institute for Classical Studies


The iLatin and eGreek one-day conference explored the use and effectiveness of new technology in teaching classical languages. Presentations focussed on resources and pedagogy: the materials out there for learners and teachers of Greek and Latin, and the problems new technology might help to address. They also explored ways of evaluating the effectiveness of technology for enhancing pedagogy and suggested guiding principles for the development of interactive websites, apps and other technology-based resources.

Participants at the conference were encouraged to tweet with the hashtag #iLeG and the event has been ‘storified’ here.

Videos of all presentations are now available via the links below:


Dr James Robson / Mair Lloyd, The Open University
Welcome and themes of the day

Session 1

Dr James Robson, The Open University
Open access Latin and Greek resources at the OU: current projects and future directions

Session 2

Prof. Alison Sharrock, University of Manchester
Online Training for Reading Latin

Session 3

Dr Nick Lowe, Royal Holloway, University of London
Adventures in 24/7 Latin: VLEs, spaced repetition, and roll-your-own apps

Session 4

Mair Lloyd, The Open University
Finding the Gap: some contrasts between ancient and modern language eLearning

Session 5

Steve Hunt, University of Cambridge
The Digital Classics Classroom: plaything or catalyst for pedagogical improvement?

Session 6

Bartolo Natoli, University of Texas (online from Texas)
eLearning in the Flipped Classroom