Explore global Digital Humanities with Around DH in 80 Days

Around DH in 80 Days project logo

Around DH in 80 Days. CC BY 3.0 USA


Around DH in 80 Days is a multi-institutional, interdisciplinary Digital Humanities collaboration that seeks to introduce audiences to the global field of DH scholarly practice by showcasing current DH projects from around the world.

Launched on 21 June 2014, Around DH will feature a different DH project from around the globe each day for 80 days. This is how the editors describe the aims of the project:

Around DH is intended as a first step toward discovering current and developing DH projects across the globe. That is, where we hope that you will see Around DH as a valuable resource for encountering the broader, global field of DH and its diverse practices, we also hope this project will invite you to seek out the critical work of DH beyond the familiar by continuing to engage with these and other projects beyond our platform.

The project website is built using Jekyll, a platform that creates sites suitable for low-bandwidth regions.

Visit the project website at http://arounddh.org/