Register now for CHASE training courses on digital and material research

Are you a PhD student funded by CHASE or currently studying at one of the seven funding CHASE institutions? Two exciting training programmes are currently open for enrolment.

You can find the application form on the website for CHASE training and development programmes. You have until 20 January to register for the Material Witness programme and until 31 January for the Arts and Humanities in the Digital Age programme.

Digital Humanities at the Open University are leading the Arts and Humanities in the Digital Age programme.

CHASE Arts and Humanities in the Digital Age promotional poster

Opening Conference: Friday 20 February 2015, Room 2 Open University, Hawley Crescent, Camden Town, Camden, London NW1 8NP

This training programme is aimed at doctoral students who want to conduct research in an increasingly digital world. You will learn how how to integrate digital methodologies and media with discipline specific questions to develop your own research. Each workshop will comprise a classroom-based session that will immerse you in the key debates of Digital Humanities research and a practical, hands-on session that will train you in particular methodologies and tools.

Plenary conferences will open and close the programme.

Visit the Arts and Humanities in the Digital Age training programme blog for more information

Deadline – please apply by 7th February 2015

The University of Kent are leading the Material Witness programme.

Programme launch: Mon 2 February 2015,
Courtauld Institute of ArtCHASE Material Witness promotional poster

Material Witness is an innovative interdisciplinary training programme for emerging scholars whose research involves
the interpretation of physical artefacts. The programme aims to sharpen participants’ ability to interpret objects, and to explore the profound relationships between material and meaning, message and medium. It consists of four plenary events, and a series of expert-led study days and residential workshops providing privileged access to people, places and objects, and to techniques and technologies for analysing many different materials.

Visit the Material Witness blog to find out more

Deadline – please apply by 26th January 2015


2 responses to “Register now for CHASE training courses on digital and material research

  1. Please can you advise whether there are any places on these programmes available for students who are not at CHASE institutions (I am a Phd student at The University of Manchester looking at school engagement and spatial perspectives in Education research), or whether there will be any dissemination events where students and academics from other institutions will have the opportunity to attend?

    Many thanks.

    Kind regards, Debbie

    Debbie Ralls PhD Student Graduate Teaching & Research Assistant Manchester Institute of Education University of Manchester email:

    • Dear Debbie,

      Thank you for your interest in the CHASE Arts and Humanities in the Digital Age programme. I am afraid places are only available to students registered at one of the CHASE institutions.
      The aim of this programme is to provide training to CHASE students, so there are no dissemination activities planned within it, though CHASE universities may organise some independently of this programme. For these, please check the individual universities’ websites. The Open University advertises Digital Humanities-related events on

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