Beta testers wanted for new Peripleo tool

Fig.2 Filter panel. Screenshot of Peripleo tool from Pelagios website

Screenshot of Peripleo tool from Pelagios website

The Pelagios project, led by Leif Isaksen (Southampton), Elton Barker (Open University)  and Rainer Simon (Austrian Institute of Technology) has recently announced the development of Peripleo, a spatio-temporal search engine for Pelagios. As Rainer Simon says

Peripleo is Greek for “to sail (or swim) around”, and the notion of being able to freely navigate the “sea of open data”, collectively brought together by our partners … is exactly what we had in mind when we started out.

Peripleo allows users to interrogate the resources connect through Pelagios,  offering new ways to discover what is in the data, and revealing connections that would otherwise be much harder to trace.

Users who are interested in testing Peripleo should contact the Pelagios team to be granted access to the tool.