British Library Digital Conversation, 18 February


This British Library Digital Research event may be of interest Digital Humanities scholars.

Digital Conversation 11: Portrait of the Machine as a Young Artist

Thursday, 18 February 2016 from 18:00 to 20:00

British Library (1st floor Staff Restaurant) – 96 Euston Road London, UK NW1 2DB

 In this evening conversation we take a look at Computational Creativity, a discipline operating at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Philosophy of Mind. Researchers are exploring the development of artificially cognitive systems through the construction of machines and algorithms that go some way towards modelling how our own creative processes function, resulting in creative works of art, theatre, music and poetry in their own right. Join us for presentations and a lively panel discussion on human consciousness and artistry, what it means to create, and tensions between AI and current copyright regimes.

Free, booking essential:

Presentations by:

Dr. Simon Colton, Painting Fool

Dr. Cat Gale, Beyond the Fence: The World’s First Computer Generated Musical

Dr. Frederic Fol Leymarie, AutoGraff and Aikon

Tom Hedges, Generating jazz lead sheets

Stephen McGregor, Vector space-models and Poetic Creativity

Dr. Burkhard Schafer, Copyright, law and ethics of machine co-production 

 Moderator: Dr. Anna Jordanous

Digital Conversations is a quarterly evening talk series at British Library hosted by the Digital Research Team. At these events we invite inspirational and creative individuals over to share short, thought-provoking presentations around a topic relating to the digital transformations in research.